Mediation and dispute resolution is a process in which both parties communicate their requirements with an independent third party, usually a solicitor, to try and reach an agreement about the terms of a child arrangement. Once this meeting is successful, the solicitor will make a binding child arrangement for you to enter into, either via court orders or a peace agreement. Both parties have the right to withdraw at any time, which stops the mediation from proceeding and both parties lose their right to go to court if they do not wish to proceed. Mediation can be very helpful if the parties involved cannot agree on a suitable course of action, but there are several factors that can cause this. If the two parties can agree to everything in the initial agreement, this is known as a lock-out period.

What Is the Lock-Out Period?

The lock-out period is normally triggered by the court order of a child order or a divorce order but can be caused by various events outside of these court rulings. One example of this could be if one of the parties transfers home or moves away. This would trigger the lock-out period for the other person to enter into a child order or mediation, but it would not prevent them from trying to get a new court order to stop the transfer or movement. Therefore, all solicitors for mediation and dispute resolution are required to be aware of any cases that might trigger the lockout. When the lock-out period is about to expire, both parties are free to enter into the child arrangement negotiations once again. This proves especially challenging if the parties are no longer able to communicate with each other in any other way, as is often the case in some relationships. If you are involved in such a situation and are looking for solicitors in Cumbernauld for mediation and dispute resolution, you should make sure your solicitors have experience dealing with this type of situation.
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Finding The Right Solicitors Cumbernauld

In many situations when children are involved, both parents are often required to attend mediation. If a parent refuses to attend, the solicitor may ask one parent to accompany the child. Even if your case seems pretty simple, you may still want to use a solicitor to represent you at the mediation. Not only will your solicitor be able to assist you through the mediation process effectively, but they will also know all the relevant laws and regulations regarding the mediation and its proper conduct. For instance, a solicitor in Cumbernauld may have the authority to require attendance by the other party at court proceedings, which means you’ll need a solicitor to help you draft your orders and submit them to the court. The solicitors Cumbernauld are also very well familiar with the local rules and regulations governing disputes involving children. If your child has a long and complicated history of violence or abuse, the prospect of a lengthy and expensive litigation process may discourage you from seeking a child arrangement order. Mediation can ease the stress associated with long battles between children and their parents. If you and your partner have separated but remain in contact via the child contact program, you should use the time before the mediation to iron out any differences. This means you can make arrangements with your former spouse regarding visitation, which can be done on a weekly basis or every other week. Again, you may want to use solicitors Cumbernauld, as they will be able to assist you with filing documentation, making court submissions, gathering evidence and preparing for court. If you and your former spouse cannot agree, there is usually no option for mediation.
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Final Words

There are numerous ways to mediate child custody disputes, including through the use of a child contact program (CMP). A good solicitor will know when to seek a short-term locksmith lockout during the mediation. Mediation can also be extended to provide additional time for the parties to work out an amicable agreement about the terms of the child order and lockout. Again, it is important to hire qualified solicitors Cumbernauld who have the knowledge, skill and experience to facilitate negotiations, so you should not have to worry about hiring the wrong person.
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