Keeping your skin smooth and soft isn’t easy. With a range of products for various skin types from dry and oily to sensitive. To add on top of that it is becoming increasingly expensive for some of these products. So here we have 6 natural ingredients for your skin that won’t break the bank balance.

1.      Vitamin E

All skincare routines should be completed with a healthy dose of antioxidants to keep the skin resilient. Vitamin E is the perfect antioxidant for your skin as it protects and builds the skins natural defence making it a number 1 natural ingredient for your skin regime.


2.      Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree has been used for year to cure skin redness and inflammatory as well as combating breakouts. It’s one of the best natural resources to use for acne as it is less harsh than chemical filled creams that are recommended. Tea Tree oil is very versatile as it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory,  anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and is used in most popular skin care brands as a prime ingredient.

Tea tree oil


3.      Raw Honey

Raw honey contains a range of natural sources of enzymes, vitamins, nutrients and skin boosting acids. Raw honey can help reduce breakouts, moisturise the skin, act as an antiseptic and work to heal wounds and reduce scars. Alongside this it is a natural antihistamine helping you fight allergies. Raw honey must be completely unprocessed, unheated and unpasteurised to contain all of these benefits as most on the shelves have been processed for human consumption. Honey is great for homemade facial cleansers for sensitive skin types or as a natural face mask.

Raw honey

4.      Avocado

The trend of avocados has increased in the foodie ranks but this fatty fruit includes vitamins A, D and E to help soothe sunburned skin, treat ageing and boost collagen production in the body. It has a natural anti-inflammatory that can be applied directly to sunburn as well as doing so internally once eaten. Why not try combining your raw honey facemask with some whipped avocado for that extra boost of vitamins.


5.      Aloe Vera

Whilst most people associate Aloe Vera with treating sunburn it also has a variety of other benefits including anti-inflammatories and anti-bacteria fighting properties. The two main substances that are produced, the gel found in the cells and the latex obtained from the cells beneath the leaves skin, can be used for natural skin care for burns, psoriasis and cold sores.


6.      Castor Oil

Known as a drying oil, castor oil is a natural remedy to cleanse the skin. To make up a cleanser using castor oil you need a teaspoon of the oil mixed into ¼ cup of coconut or almond oil. Massage this mixture into your skin and wash away with warm water.

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