As winter creeps in we suddenly start to lose our motivation to keep fit and healthy. Whilst it’s easy to have the good intentions it can be a struggle to take the first steps. Here we have 6 ways to kick start your fitness routine.

Local Gym

If you have the funds to spare and are committed to your fitness routine why not look into your local gym. Most gyms offer a fully equipped gym, classes, fitness suites and swimming pools to give you a range of exercises to try. Some gyms offer discounts to students, corporation employees and over 65’s/young people, so check out if you’re eligible to save money.


DIY Approach

If the cost of a gym membership is too much or exercise equipment isn’t suitable for you there are other DIY approaches to try. The inexpensive options include running, walking, exercise videos, dumb bell training and jump ropes. Even using the public playing fields for a round of football with some friends is a cheap and fun way to get you motivated.

Personal Trainer

To some this is their worst nightmare for their workout. But it is a very effective way to kick start your fitness routine. When looking for a trainer many gyms offer personal trainers for an extra cost alongside the membership. The best advantage to a PT is that they will provide specified workout routines that are suitable for what you want to achieve.


Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise as water offers 12 times more resistance than air to help tone and strengthen the muscles. You can burn between 400-500 calories in just 1 hour.


Track your progress

Fitness apps and trackers have become one of the most popular trends in fitness. With Fitbits and other wearable tracking devices it’s become easier to watch your progress and become aware of your overall fitness level. Fitbit offers challenges where you can compete against fellow Fitbit steppers for that extra bit of competitiveness. These devices allow you to document your calorie intake, water intake, weight and daily exercise making it easier for you to adapt your fitness routine.




Set a Solid Goal

Depending on what you want to achieve it may be worth setting a goal. Whether it be weight loss or toning by a certain date it will surely keep you motivated through your routines. For a more adventurous goal why not sign up for charitable races such as Tough Mudder or a 10k run. By having a deadline it will help keep you focused on your goal.


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