If you are one of the privileged few that own a Rolex watch you will be aware of how precious they are and the investment that goes into keeping them in their best condition. If anything happens to your watch and you require repair services you want to only send it to the best accredited Rolex Watch repair companies to guarantee the best repairs for your timepiece. It isn’t the easiest thing to find the best watch repair services for your Rolex so if you find one it is best to keep it as a closely kept secret to avoid the popularity causing a hike in repair prices. There are two main options for your repairs, online and in-store. Here we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of both of these services.

rolex watch repair

Online Rolex Watch Repair Services

If you are tight for time and are keen to find an online Rolex Watch repair service then look no further than Repairs by Post. Based in the UK this online retailer are able to offer their customers a variety of services including watch repairs at a lower cost due to them having a lower operational costs compared to their in-store competitors. They do have a physical store in Manchester, however, Repairs by Post cover the entire UK and offer their Rolex Watch repairs and servicing online.

Rolex Watch Repair

How does it work?

You would send your Rolex watch or any other watch to them directly where they will then repair the timepiece or send it to an official Rolex watch repair service for you. Once completed they will then send back your watch via recorded delivery as a safe method of delivery. Your watch will then arrive fully functioning straight to your door with little hassle.

Why use online services?

This method of watch repair has become increasingly popular due to people’s busy schedule and their desire for a more convenient repair service.

Rolex Watch Repair

In-store Rolex Watch Repair Services

For those who prefer a more tradition method of watch repair services there are Rolex service stores in the UK. Some do not trust sending away their precious timepiece via delivery and prefer to hand it in themselves to a repair company. Within most large cities there will be a Rolex watch repair company which has been approved by Rolex themselves. The disadvantage to this method of repair is physically finding a store that has been approved and accredited by Rolex to deal with any repairs and services. This also isn’t an ideal service for those who do not live in big cities as travel time will need to be added on when finding a service. Cities tend to be the only places where you will find Rolex approved companies to carry out your repairs or servicing.

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