Whether you’re gifting your boyfriend, partner, husband, wife or girlfriend, choosing a Valentine ’s Day present can be difficult. With so much choice for generic Valentine’s gifts, you want to think of a gift that will be special and the perfect gift for any whisky lover.  So you’ve obviously stumbled upon this article for a reason. Here’s a list of what to get for this upcoming holiday. Rare Malt Whisky is ideal for any whisky collector, drinker or lover! So which Rare Malt Whisky is the best pick for your special someone? Here we have The Rare Malt Whisky Company’s top types.

rare malt whisky

Islay Whisky

Considered the mother of all whiskies, Islay Whisky is famous for its uniqueness and perfection after years of developing the evolution of Islay whisky. This type of whisky can easily be identified just by its tasted and even specifically down to the distillery. Islay whisky is easily distinguished by its peaty notes and taste. Bowmore distillery has a unique selection of rare malts for those who enjoy a peaty whisky.

rare malt whisky

Speyside Whisky

Speyside whisky can be separated into two different types. The first type of Speyside whisky is light and grassy such as Glenlivet. The second type of whisky is rich, sweet with sherried qualities such as Macallan. Speyside is perfect for a more mellow type of whisky with notes of apple, vanilla, nutmeg and malt. Check out Glenfarclas Distillery Exclusive 2004 Port Cask as the ideal gift for Speyside Rare Malt Whisky.

rare malt whisky

Highland Whisky

Known as Scotland’s largest whisky region, this area boasts a large range of styles from textured and rich to floral fragrances. This is an ideal type of whisky to invest in as there is a distillery and type that will suit all. The typical character and style of Highland single malt whisky boasts notes of fruit cake, malt, heather and smoke.

Lowland Whisky

Lowland whisky’s are significantly high in large quantities of grain whisky which form its foundation. However, there are a few distilleries that keep the trademark light and grassy Lowland malt style. Typical character and style of this whisky type is more of a cream, toffee, honeysuckle and cinnamon notes.

rare malt whisky

Where can I buy Rare Malt Whisky?

If your partner has a taste for the finer things in life then rare malts are the way to their heart. If you are not a whiskey fanatic yourself and are unsure, go to The Rare Malt Whisky Company, a business based in the heart of Scotland in Killearn, their passion for rare malt is as strong as their whiskies (and their whiskies are pretty strong). With 16 different brands to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice!

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