Questions have been asked in recent years as to whether the acting industry is finally seeing sizeable change in a range of different factors from equal pay to more equal opportunities and less discrimination. However unfortunately many of these issues still plague the industry to this day.

Noticeable Changes In Films And Theatre Productions

As of recent years there has been a number of noticeable changes in theatres as well as in movies depicting certain stereotypes. Part of the reason for this is changing attitudes in society towards important issues such as stereotypes , racism , inequality , misogyny etc.

This has come as a result of public outcry and the growth of social and political change in order to tackle these issues and change entrenched views towards them.

As well as change within society and politics , actors themselves have also pushed to encourage this change and have stood as figureheads of justice and equality. However as we will discuss later in this article there are still many issues that remain within the acting and movie industry that need to be tackled.

Existing Issues In The Acting And Movie Industry

Currently there are a large range of issues facing the acting and movie industry overall. One of the big issues facing the acting industry is nepotism. This is when people within the industry offer roles and jobs to close friends or family rather than giving them to people outside their social circle who could well fit the role better overall .

This means that there is a lack of opportunities for new and upcoming actors who are looking to break into the industry and puts them at a disadvantage overall. Clearly there needs to be some form of change or reform in order to prevent this from happening in future.

Another major issue facing the acting industry is inequality in pay. In a number of high profile films as well as dramas often female actors have been paid less than their male counter parts without any real justification as to why this has been the case. There have been some reforms regarding this but a lot more needs to be done in order to tackle the issue.

How Can These Issues Be Challenged And Changed?

There are a range of different ways through which these issues can be challenged and changed overall. One of the most effective ways through which this could be done is via social media channels. Social media videos can become viral easily and so a message conveying an important message with leading actors could have a significant impact overall.

As well as sharing important messages on social media leading actors could visit acting schools as well as regular schools to encourage people to join the acting industry and to help shake up the industry overall.

To conclude it is clear that there is significant overall change needed within the industry. This can only come as a result of action by those within it as well as those outside in order to highlight the existing issues.

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